Clinical Practice

Dr. Riley has worked collaboratively with patients for more than 25 years offering care that includes health and wellness counseling as well as treatment. He tries to remember that  the practice of medicine is both an art and a science and that healing often occurs when our lives are brought into a state of balance and grace.  Healthcare seems to be most effective when it addresses the whole person as a unique individual.  Dr. Riley is a medical doctor, board certified in Internal Medicine, and trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities.


In 1997 Dr. Riley and the Integrative Medicine Institute established Southwest Health Options (SHO) with Presbyterian Health Services to explore insurance driven models of healthcare delivery.  SHO was as an independent practice association (IPA) offering integrative medicine services to patients insured through Presbyterian Health Services in New Mexico. As the medical director, Dr. Riley led utilization management, peer review and quality assurance; informing the members who were licensed clinicians on the outcomes, benefits, and challenges of working with primary care providers to provide services to insured patients. Some of this data was presented at research conferences in 2001.

SHO Abstract PDF