The Integrative Medicine Institute has often focused on health services research, collecting data from both patients and providers on effectiveness, satisfaction, safety, and cost. Dr. Riley continues to collaborate in clinical trials including randomized controlled clinical trials from the initial trial design through final reports and scientific publications.

In the 1990s we pioneered the creation of data collection networks linking healthcare practitioners, patients, and academic medical centers in Europe and the United States in a series of health services research projects: IIPCOS-1, IIPCOS-2, and an international Integrative Medicine Data Collection Network (IMDCN 2001[See PDF]). The Integrative Medicine Institute developed the Integrative Medicine Outcome Scale (IMOS) and the Integrative Medicine Patient Satisfaction scale (IMPSS) in collaboration with HomInt. These outcome scales have been validated in Europe and widely used in Integrative Medicine outcomes research. The International Integrative Primary Care Outcomes Study (Riley 2001 [See PDF] ) was a prospective outcomes study comparing patients treated by conventionally licensed providers integrating homeopathy into their practices with conventionally licensed providers who used only conventional medicine. Data was systematically collected on effectiveness, safety, and cost in a practice based setting. (Riley 2001).

Other areas of research have included: