The Integrative Medicine Institute is oriented toward the promotion of health and wellness as well as the treatment of disease. The best care is often a collaboration informed by evidence that takes patient preference into account. 

David Riley founded the Integrative Medicine Institute (IMI) in 1992 with a primary interest in evidence from the point of care. He consults locally and internationally on case reports, education, research and sustainable models of healthcare including integrative medicine.

• In 1994 the Institute collaborated on two international data collection networks evaluating effectiveness, patient satisfaction, and costs.

• From 2006—2015 Dr. Riley consulted in Dubai with the Center for Healthcare Planning and Quality (CPQ) at Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) to develop and implement international practice standards in integrative healthcare delivery.

• In 2011 Dr. Riley co-led an international group of experts in the development of the CARE Guidelines—reporting guidelines for case reports designed to increase the accuracy, transparency, and usefulness of case reports.

• In 2013 the CARE guidelines were presented at the International Congress on Peer Review and Biomedical Publication, published in multiple medical journals, and translated into nine languages.

• IMI offers research support ranging from clinical trial management to publication (including editorial support for authors.)


Lynn Getz co-founded the Integrative Medicine Institute LLC in 2007. Lynn has a Masters in social work and practices in Portland, Oregon where she consults, writes curriculum, and teaches; offering (1) regular consultations and classes to explore the language of the senses focusing on phyto-aroma therapy and color consultations; and (2) local and national custom classes and consultations.

In 2013 Lynn established AEIOU&Y to explore the language of the senses. addressing questions such as:

• “How do we learn more about our senses and our emotions?

• Why is this important?

• Why now?

• How can this make me feel better about things?

• Where did my ease and flow go?"